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Explore the Digital Twin on Smart Manufacturing project, bridging the gap between education and industry to equip future technicians with cutting-edge skills for tomorrow’s manufacturing challenges.

Project Overview

Shaping the Future of Manufacturing: The Digital Twin Initiative

Welcome to the Digital Twin on Smart Manufacturing project, a pioneering initiative designed to integrate advanced digital twin technologies into the heart of manufacturing education and practice. This project aims to forge a strong link between current educational frameworks and the dynamic needs of the industry, preparing a new generation of technicians equipped with the skills to innovate, optimize, and revolutionize smart manufacturing processes. Join us as we embark on this journey to reshape the future of manufacturing through cutting-edge educational and technological advancements.







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Project highlights

Digital Twin Project: A Leap Forward in Technology Education

We’re excited to share the latest highlights of the Digital Twin project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at aligning educational programmes with the fast-evolving needs of the industry.

Augmented Humans in Digital Twin
Educational Content | Research and Development

Augmented Humans in Digital Twin

AI, with its ability to analyze data, recognize patterns, and make decisions, enhances the capabilities of XR, which includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Together, they create immersive, interactive experiences across various sectors, from gaming and entertainment to healthcare and education.

Digital Twin Technologies 11
project consortium

Digital Twin Initiative: Bridging Europe Through Innovation

This project forges a collaboration across five European countries, integrating vocational and higher education with the business sector, including SMEs, to develop cutting-edge learning programmes for Digital Twin technologies.

Educational Institutions

Business Sector

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project objectives

Aligning Education with Industry: Enhancing EDU-VET Collaboration

Digital Twin aims to aid education providers in meeting actual business needs, by providing an outstanding training offer to tailor their training programs more closely to industry requirements. Our approach therefore is to exploit enabling technologies such as digital twin for the virtualization of industrial systems, but also to design, test and maintain machinery according to the indications of Industry 4.0.

Digital Twin Technologies 15
The Digital Twin project strategically targets students, workers, trainers, EDU-VET providers, and companies, aiming to impart significant, lasting benefits across these groups.
For Students:

Enhances competences and employability, preparing them for the future job market.

For Teachers:

Provides better resources and skills to adapt teaching to the latest industry trends.

For Workers:

Increases access to Digital Twin training and knowledge, improving professional skills.

For EDU-VET Providers:

Enhances their ability to meet the current industry’s demands and foster cooperation with the business sector.

For Companies:

Boosts the availability of skilled technicians, enriching the industry with Digital Twin expertise.

Project Outputs

Empowering the Digital Twin Workforce: Key Deliverables

The Digital Twin project is set to revolutionize the sector with substantial, highly adaptable outcomes, ensuring a comprehensive upskill for future employment within the digital twin domain. Among these deliverables are the Digital Twin Skills Index and a Self-Evaluation Tool designed to tailor training to individual needs.

Additionally, a robust 450-hour e-learning course covering essential topics from basic introductions to sophisticated cybersecurity and green transition skills, alongside Digital Twin labs, will provide practical experience. This initiative also includes the development of a Digital Twin Training Methodology, a Teacher Manual, and a series of national and international skills competitions, all aimed at enhancing the compatibility of education with real-world industry demands.

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